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A Fresh View of The Paparazzi (Part 2)

In the last post, I talked some about the paparazzi, and how they’re some of the most hated people in all of Hollywood. Taking pictures of people isn’t the hardest job in the world, but to do it professionally, it demands a lot of time, talent, and just plain good ol’ fashioned hard work.

Being a paparazzo is no joke. You just don’t walk around aimlessly hoping to catch a glimspe of your favorate celebrity. As a paparazzo, you’ll have a huge network of contacts, people who are in contact with the celebrity frequently, so you can keep tabs on them, and figure out where they are headed. Additionally, if it’s something really important, a paparazzo might even camp outside the celebrities home just to get the perfect shot. Now, you may be wondering if this could be considered stalking. Yes, it can, but there are a lot of loopholes in the laws and regulations that allow the paparazzi to do the things they do.

Let me give you an example. If you knew a famous celebrity was having an affair at their house, and wanted to catch them in the act, you’d probably spend a lot of time outside their house. But, if you camped outside their house for three days, it’d be considered stalking. So, to get around this, you’d campout for only two days and on the third, have a buddy come replace you for a little while, so it would not be considered stalking.

Another little loophole paparazzi will use to get their coveted pictures are helicopters. Since being on private property and taking pictures of celebrities is technically illegal, the paparazzi will get helicopters, so they can hover around in the air and get in a little closer to the action. Had they been on the ground, the probably would not be able to get the shots they need.

There are also two more sneaky, cunning, tactics that paparazzi will use to get the pictures they want. Both of them are definitely illegal, but sometimes, if the costs are less than what they’ll get for the photos, then sometimes the paparazzi will employ these tactics. Remember in elementry, middle, or even high school when someone would pull the fire alarm to get out of class? Well, sometimes the paparazzi have been known to pull the fire alarms on the sets of movies and other locations they know a celebrity is inside. Then, once the person gets outside, the paparazzo just has to start snapping away. Usually, it’s a two or more person job, as once the fire alarm is pulled all the people start to rush out, and you can get lost in the fray easily.

The final thing the paparazzi have been known to do is crash their cars into places or other cars that the celebrity is in, just to get the picture. Now, doing this can cause serious legal consequences, but, as long as the money one would get from the picture outweighs the costs, many paparazzi won’t think past it.

It can be tough working as a paparazzo. Everyone hates you, yet they love the work you do, and even try to distance themselves from the lengths that you had to go to to get those pictures. I hope this two part series gave you an interesting look at behind the scenes of the paparazzi.

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